How to create a new plane model for Gazebo (SITL/Mavproxy/Gazebo)


I have to use a 3 axis plane for simulation testing with SITL/Mavproxy/Gazebo.
The example we’ve got in Ardupilot’s doc is about a wing named “Zephyr”, but it’s a wing so no rudder and I need one for the 3rd axis, aileron/roll not enough for my simulations.
So, I’m looking for some tips or a tutorial to build this new plane and make it works properly. I tried to find something in the forums but found nothing.

Many thanks for your help

Hi @Nicolas_T, we recently had a request for a v-tail in Gazebo (V-tail gazebo SITL QGroundControl).

The PR containing the model is here: Gazebo: add X-UAV Mini Talon V-Tail by srmainwaring · Pull Request #98 · ArduPilot/SITL_Models · GitHub.

Hi Rhys, many thanks for your answer, I’ll have a deep look at come back if needed