How to control the speed of ascent-descent in PosHold mode?

Hello guys!
I have a little bit confused about the speed of ascent-descent, I have noticed that PX4 can controll the ascent and descent speed just by throttle, I think this is a wonderful,Does the Ardupilot support it ?

These parameters:

Hi Dave
Thanks to reply. I mean can I change the speed rate by just adjust the throttle position?

The vertical speed will change with throttle position up to the value set with the SPEED parameter.

When flying in PosHold, the altitude is controlled using the same altitude controller as the Alt Hold flight mode. This means that the stick input and copter behavior for altitude is identical in both PosHold and AltHold.

You can read about the AltHold flight mode, and therefore the stick controls and resulting copter behavior here: