How to control motor PWM directly...?

we are planning to mount a multirotor in a large wind tunnel. The propellers need to turn at a realistic speed for each wind speed.
Front and rear motors do turn at different speeds in forward flight, and I need to replicate this inside the windtunnel. So I need to set the PWM of each motor individually. Is there a way to do this? In Betaflight, I can set the speed of each motor in the configurator (see image) - is there something similar possible with arducopter?
It will not be possible to connect the motors to a different port on the FC. We are using the black Cube and 500 Hz PWM.

Thanks for your input!

Ok, I think I’ll have to set SERVO1_FUNCTION to 1(RCPassThru) (same for the other three motors). But how do I know which RC Signal will be used for passing through…?

RCPassThru uses the same inout chanel. ie SERVO1_FUNCTION takes RC 1. SERVO2_FUNCTION takes RC 2 ect ect. You can also set the servo functions to RC_numbers to pass any input to any output.

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