How to connect two raspberry pi to pixhawk

Hi, I’ve been working on autonomous mission that require BVLOS operation. So I would like to use two raspberry pi, one for control and another one for monitoring the UAV. Now on my pixhawk the telemetry 1 and 2 are used for radio receiver and first raspberry pi. So the question is, where can I connect the second raspberry pi on my pixhawk since both telemetry 1 and 2 already being used? Is there any other port that I can used?

Most flight controllers have additional UARTs for telemetry. The GPS ports can be re-configured to emit telemetry, for example. Which flight controller are you using?

Thanks for the reply, I use A1 pixsurvey flight controller… I do have one slot GPS 2 port available, so I can use that one? Is there any documentation that I can refer to re-configure the GPS port to forward telemetry data?

Yep, see Serial Port Configuration Options — Copter documentation

Ok thank you. I will try that