How to connect to U-center through Pixhawk

Hello! I have a Pixhawk 4 running the latest firmware. I also have Ublox M8N GPS receiver. The GPS receiver either doesn’t find the satellites (for example, over 10 minutes), or finds very few of them (for example, 4). As a result, there is a very large HDOP, e.g. around 30, or 10 at best. I.e. “dilution of precision” is very large. I have tried buying a different version of the same GPS (Ublox M8N), but the result is very similar. In the store they show me that this new GPS works fine, connects to like 10 satellites indoors.

My question is:

  1. how to connect to U-center through Pixhawk? I know there is a page on that ( , but the latest U-center software is different from what that page discusses.

  2. Do I need some new driver for Pixhawk in order to run that GPS?

Thanks you for reply.

Gennady Kozak

Not much point in doing so for a M8N. Whatever you configured In the Ublox App would be properly overwritten by Ardupilot on boot. There usually isn’t any problem with even the cheapest M8N modules.

Thank you for reply. But I do have a problem with Ublox M8N working with my Pixhawk, PX4. It takes a very long time to obtain a 3D fix. And then there is a very large HDOP. In Mission Planner, when I turn to “Analyze logs”, it says that there is a GPS failure. Any ideas what I can do?

Post a log or parameter file as a start: people can’t help without the right information

Show us a picture of your installation with all antennas and accessories documented.

Your problem look like a bad GPS antenna placement relative to others like video or telemetry or power module or…