How to connect channels 9 and 10 in APM 2.8

Hello friends.

Sorry for the grammar but I do not speak English.
Thanks to the Google application I am reading many very interesting blog.

Well I hope you are presenting my doubts in a correct way.

I am setting up the F450 (clone) and I keep a doubt that I have not been able to clear in any forum I visit.
I keep a Flysky fs-ia10b receiver.

Flysky i16s control on the PPM I-SUS control
Apm 2.8

Under this configuration I can make the planer mission identify me the channels from 1 to 8 but channels 9 and 10 can not identify them.

What is the proper method to connect the receiver to the APM and thus channels 9 and 10 can be controlled from the remote?

Again thank you and excuse for the translation and grammar

Hola amigos.

Disculpen por la gramática pero no hablo inglés.

Gracias a la aplicación de google estoy leyendo muchos blog muy interesantes.

Bueno espero que este presentando mis dudas de manera correcta.

Estoy armando el F450 ( clon) y mantengo una duda que no he podido despejar en ningún foro que visito.

Mantengo un receptor Flysky fs-ia10b
Mando flysky i16s en el mando PPM I-SUS
Apm 2.8

Bajo esta configuración puedo hacer que el misión planer me identifique los canales del 1 al 8 pero los canales 9 y 10 no logro identificarlos.

¿Cuál es el método apropiado para conectar el receptor en el APM y de este modo los canales 9 y 10 puedan ser controlados desde el mando?

Nuevamente gracias y disculpen por la traducción y gramática

It sounds like you are using PPM, which is limited to 8 channels. In order to use channels 9 and 10, you need to use SBUS (not iBus). It does not appear that the Flysky fs-ia10 supports SBUS. I saw one mention of a special firmware that would enable that, but I cannot find it.

What are you trying to accomplish? Maybe there is another way.

Thank you for attend.

Viewing the finware of my command is version 2.00 of July 9, 2016, hardware V2.2

In output mode it states that the pwm and PPM (PPM is the one I use) and in serial I-Bus and S.BUS. (IBUS is the one I have)

I do not know how to configure the wiring in the APM.

For the moment I want to do.

Channel 5-modes of flight
Channel 6 and 7 - Gimbal 3 axes
Channel 8 - retractable legs (retractile train)
Canal 9 photos and videos
Channel 10 - turn lights on and off (save a little battery)

At least this is what I want to run through channels on the F450.

Greetings and thank you for attending.

Gracias por atender.

Viendo el finware de mi mando es la versión 2.00 del 9 de jul 2016, hardware V2.2.

En output modo establece que el pwm y PPM ( PPM es el que utilizo) y en serial I-Bus y S.BUS. ( IBUS es el que yo tengo)

No sé cómo se debe realizar la configuración ni el cableado en la APM.

Por el momento quiero hacer.
Canal 5-modos de vuelo
Canal 6 y 7 - Gimbal 3 ejes
Canal 8 - patas retractiles
Canal 9 fotos y videos
Canal 10 – encender y apagar luces (ahorrar un poco de batería)

Por lo menos esto es lo que deseo ejecutar por canales en el F450.

Saludos y gracias por atender.

It does look like you have no way to do what you want with 8 channels.

You need to find a way to get SBUS output from your receiver. Can you configure that with your current hardware? You may need a different receiver, I see that the Turnigy receiver below might work.

Once set up for SBUS, you would connect the serial (iBus/SBUS) output of the receiver to the input 1 on the APM where you currently have PPM connected (still with the jumper attached between signal on ports 2 and 3).

APM does not natively support Sbus, PPM only. And even if you custom flash it to support Sbus, which is possible, only 8 channels are available.

Thanks for the correction @dkemxr. I’d assumed it was like the Pixhawk.

@kchopilot, I think your best approach, without switching to Pixhawk, is to disable yaw control on the gimbal. This will eliminate one gimbal control channel, and you won’t need to retract the landing gear either. You’ll then use the copter’s yaw to control camera yaw.

You could connect AETR and Flight mode to the FC via PWM and the rest of channels directly out of the Rx to control the other functions.

It is nice to know that there is a method, but to be new I do not understand.

  1. What is AETR?
  2. What is FC?

If you have any image, video or document to help me understand
On the other hand I would like to know the difference between PWM and PPM apart from the reduction of cables in PPM.
Without another particular I say goodbye.

AETR are the 4 flight control channels (Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder). FC=Flight Controller (the APM). PWM (pulse width modulation) is the protocol for individual channel control, PPM (pulse position modulation) is a protocol for multiple channel control. All I’m suggesting is to use the FC for the flight control and flight mode funtions and use the remaining outputs from the Rx for the additional controls you want (gimbal, retracts, lights, etc). You don’t need the FC to control those things.

Now if I understand, but it is necessary to change the PPM configuration to true PWM.
very thankful

I have understand this: you can use ppm+sbus with the y cable from rc to fc. And you can configure the other channel on rc directly for other use (so, for gimbal, landing gear retractable, rc shutter) you can bypass Apm or Pixhawk.