How to configure Rovers, doc says "boat"?

Hi, I’m new to the ArduRover.

I look the document, it says boat.
I’m confused, how to configure the Rover?

If you don’t have a boat, don’t click that link. If you do have a boat, don’t skip that link.

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OK. Just skip boat section. It’s really confused on configuring Motors.

I have two rear motor with encoder and one steering servo.

Does my hardware connnection is OK, see below?

And the flight controller is Aocoda-RC H743. There is no main/aux out.

S1 – ESC – left motor
S3 – left motor encoder B
S4 – left motor encoder A

S2 – ESC – right motor
S5 – right motor encoder B
S6 – right motor encoder A


EDIT: Maybe the question is beyond the topic. I created a new one(Does ArduRover support AKM Rover and how to configure?)