How to configure AUX 7 and 8?

I have a pixhawk 4 and pixhawk 6. They have AUX 1 - 6. I saw on the website about configuring AUX1-6. But from my mission planner, I do not see any option for AUX 7 and AUX 8. Anyone knows how do i configure it?

I like to set it to GPIO or relay mode. So its either an On or Off switch. Thanks for any help

Good question, I have a Pixhawk 1 and upgraded to lastest version and found I had to re-learn how to setup my NAV light to work with this version.
First I picked the wrong version and lost some parameters.
Then I had to learn about RC inputs and SERVO outputs to configure my NAV lights that is on the AUX5 pin.
So on my pixhawk, outputs go Main Out 1 - 8 and then AUX out 1 - 6. That maps to Servo1 - Servo8 and Servo9 - Servo14.
So I found Servo13 in the list and set it to -1 or GPIO output.
Next RCinput9 is set to RelayOn/Off which is the switch Iā€™m using on my radio which is channel 9.
Now to set the relay pin value. This is using the old values so for RelayPin it is set to 54 or Auxout5 which now maps to Servo13.

This works for me.


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For relay configuration, if I am not mistaken you continue the counting of the AUX pins, so if AUX6 is 55, AUX 7 and 8 should be 56 and 57 respectively on RELAY_PIN assgnment.

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hey, i am new to this discussion channel, sorry if i am at wrong place for my query.
QUESTION: i want to perform Hardware in the loop simulation of fixed wing aircraft. i am using mission planner, Xplane and ardupilot mega arducopter.
problem is i cant see the option of HIL in mission planner. can somebody help me in this regard ?

It is better to create a new post for this subject matter.