How to change the RC’s mode

Hello, I bought the Radiomaster pocket but it is in mode 1. Is there a way to modify the pitch in QGControl or mission planer because I didn’t manage to find it on the RC.

Google it. Looks like there are resources available to do it on the radio mechanically. That’s how I would do it so it will work the way you want with any platform going forward.

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Tx modes aren’t just the mapping, you will also need to swap the spring from the left stick to the right, or you’ll have a throttle stick that doesn’t stay in place if you let go.

As Dave says, you should be able to do that yourself. Should take around 30 minutes, I’m sure there are Youtube tutorials available.

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Mechanical adjustment is right here on the product page under gimbal adjustment:

But I think that it is in Mission Planner. Because when I am doing the radio calibrtion the thing is being filled when going up. And it should be the other way around, I don’t think that it is my radio after all.

Reverse the pitch channel. The default is often incorrect vs pilot expectation.

That fact has nothing to do with Mode 1 vs Mode 2 transmitter config.


IIRC somebody got the convention wrong a long time ago and now we can’t fix it because it would break pretty much every operational plane. Just like multimodule having reversed channel values on Futaba receivers.

IMHO the radio calibration page should have labels indicating expected movement, at least for pitch as it isn’t visually clear which way the plane should pitch.

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