How to calibrate non 32 bit ESC's

I like to make a few notes on ESC calibration. Let’s start with BLHeli_S ESC. The S type needs to be calibrated in a way that you will not need to set the spin rate. Although you can select DShot 600 and power cycle - that will calibrate - but you need to set the spin rate very high. The other way is to calibrate with the Radio installed and programed. Here’s how to do it: Go to ESC calibration menu and hit the green button (center top) make sure to have the radio plugged in and calibrated. Reboot the FC with the radio throttle set to high unplug usb. the FC main LED will flash red. Hit the arming switch, and lower the throttle to min. All the ESC’s will beep and cycle and you’re done. reboot power up as normal. Props off always!