How to calibrate ESC and where is the safety switch?

G-d willing

I am a new drone builder.
I purchased a new Pixhawk 4 by Holybro and flashed it with the latest ArduCopter FW.
I did the compass and radio calibration. However, when I am trying to do the ESC calibration, I cannot understand how to do it properly.
On the GPS that came with the flight controller, there is a switch. Here is the GPS unit:
However, pressing on it does not do anything when I am in calibration mode.
There are too many beeps and the remote controller does not seem to change anything.
Does someone know anything about the ESC calibration process with the Pixhawk 4.


Good day,
after you have done the radio calibration you can proceed to calibrate your esc. Connect your fc to Mp… just connect eventually a fully change battery… go to the option esc calibration and set the type of your esc… oneshot… dshot… etc. and click calibrate.
Just disconnect usb and battery… connect only the battery and during the start up of your fc esc must emit a sound… when the escs are calibrated just disconnect

First of all, thank you very much for your reply.
I have a question for you, what about the remote control? I am using the Taranis X9D+, does it need to be on with Throttle up?
By the way, I am using the AIR 40A by T-Motor ( do you know what type of ESCs are they? I asked the T-Motor about it, but didn’t get any response from them yet.


For calibrate your esc you don’t need trottle up…, personally i don’t use that kind of esc you attach.
I prefer esc with bheli firmware that can support dshot