How to build arducopter in qt creator?

I am trying to build ArduCopter for px4-v2 using qtcreator IDE(v5.8.0) on Ubuntu 14.04 per description here
I was able to build from the root as make all however building from ArduCopter directory give me errors.

It looks like the folder has to be in the root folder but when I change the build directory to root, I got there is no rule to make px4-v2.
What am I doing wrong? Any success on building with qt creator?

hum the documentation is quite outdated…
You need to upgrade you toolchain to 4.9.3 to solve your problem ! (using Tools/scripts/ -y should do it)

Yes, I think the document should revised.
Anyway, thank you for your advice, I will try it tomorrow when I back to office.

Now it’s working.
Tools/scripts/ -y
installed the toolchain and I added the path
into the PATH of build environment.
Now I can successfully build the target ArduCopter for px4-v2