How to backup Parrot Disco before loading the arduplane firmware?

I am interested in trying to use the Parrot Disco that I have managing it with QGroundControl for example.

But before doing anything irreversible I want to be able to go back if something does not work well.

How to make a backup of the Chuck parrot before loading new firmware?

@mmanso: You don’t need to do ANY changes to the CHUCK software in order to use arduplane.
The confusion is because the older Parrot DISCO software needed intricate filesystem modifications in order to start the arduplane software. With newer, updated DISCO versions of it’s original software, it’s as simple as pressing the on/off button 3 times in a row.
Just upload first the arduplane to the parrot disco as described here, and you are good to go:
To completely reverse your changes just remove the file from the DISCO arduplane folder, normally located

In case if you DO want to do video recording and or streaming while flying arduplane on or your DISCO, and you don’t want to manually log-in and start recording with command line each time, then some minor changes can be made on CHUCK firmware, to autostart recording or streaming the video automatically, as described here:
and here:

Let me know if it helps. Best wishes.