How To Avoid Problems Using Flame HV 80A ESC, Please Advice

Hello guys, I have bought some 80A HV Flame ESC (6S- 12S lipo battery) from T-motor some times ago. Now I want to use it for my big Quad Copter (or Quadplane) using 12S battery. However I just read in this forum bad news about the “flame”, that it generates problems for motor, I don’t really understand what the problem is, but I am worried if the flame will make my drone Crashed. I don’t want it happen. Anybody can give advice how is solution to this potensial problems?? About motor, I will use Sunnysky motor 8318 Kv100 with 34" props.
The Flame is rated for 80A 12S , and my drone will draw current about 15-40A max. at 12S. Any opinion will be highly appreciated.
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I believe their big problem is when going over-current. If you stay well below max you should be ok.
Use a low value thrust expo too.

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Here’s an example thread on Flame ESCs:

Probably set
T-Motor web site says to calibrate the throttle/PWM but I thought there was some info saying these had a fixed PWM range - maybe that was the Alphas…

Thank you very much for this info. This is valuable to me. I believe my current draw will be around 15-40A max, much lower than 80A.

I have been flying quite a bit wih the Flame ESCs without any issue. They perform very well for me and flight characteristics are pretty smooth. My max power draw was 188A for 8 ESCs during a max power vertical climb, so in the range of 25A per ESC. I use the 0.18 EXPO value I had measured on the thrust stand a while ago as written in the referenced post.

Thank you for sharing your experience. May I know how big is your propeller? Is it 30" ? I am curious why your EXPO value is so low (18??)??