How to Arm Copter with Mission Maker for ardupilot?

Hi guys, needing your help on this please. I recently downloaded Mission Maker for Ardupilot but when I click Arm, then slide button it wont arm. It will only arm using Radio Transmitter when I hold the throttle on the lower left corner.

Is there a way that I can arm this using Mission Maker app only? If so, do I need to configure anything? Please help. Thanks.

Do you have your tx powered on when youre trying to arm? Or are you trying to arm through Mission Maker WITHOUT any TX?

By default, arducopter wont arm unless there is a TX connected/present.

You can change this behavior with the ARMING_REQUIRE parameter:

Personally, I do not recommend flying without a TX. I prefer to have the ability to take control of my copter at any time with the TX.

Hi Sir @ekliptiko thank you for your response, but sorry im you mean by TX is the Radio Transmitter TX? Yes it it connected, the radio receiver is connected, Im just trying to arm the drone with mission maker then control it with the radio Transmitter.

You’re saying that it wont arm using the app because the rado transmitter is currently enable? that in order for me to arm using the amm i need to disconnect the radio receiver? Thank you.

Tx = Radio Transmitter.
It must be connected.
How are you connecting Mission maker to the copter.?

Using Telemetry Sir @ambattuhari. Because I wanna create a Mission.

also Sir, do you have idea where to adjust the default height of loiter when creating mission?

Please read,