How to add other rangefinder?

There are several kinds of range finder and I want to add another Lidar sensor.
I have two question.
First. How does the ardupilot recognize the range finder type (leddarone, analog, etc…)?
Second, How to add new range finder that have 8 segment… (Leddar Vu8)

Jungyun, check this part of the wiki. In short depending on the rangefinder and connection type (eg serial, i2c, analog) you set parameters like RNGFND_TYPE, etc … specifying the rangefinder interface with the flight controller.

With respect to the Leddar Vu8, I am not familiar with it but it looks from the spec. sheet that it has the following interfacing options: SPI, USB, CAN, and serial (UART/RS-485). so it might interface correctly via serial/UART, similar to the Lightware lidars. You’d have to experiment and set parameters like scaling, baud_rate, etc … correctly.