How to add more motors in the configuration code?

Hi guys, I’m a new developer trying to use ArduPlane for an aircraft that has 4 motors on each wing, similar to the NASA X57, and I’m unsure what the best way to add more motors to the code is.

Going through servos.cpp I see that I can modify and hard-code 8 PWM outs in Plane::servos_output, however I’d like do this the proper clean way and hopefully create a pull request for the new configuration.

Another concern is, I am using the Holybro Pixhawk4 which supports 8 channels in the “I/O PWM OUT” which would be used by all the motors. I am thinking of using the “FMU PWM OUT” for my control surfaces, but I am unsure of how to assign PWM outs to the “FMU PWM OUT”. Can anyone point me to the code/documentation on how to do this?

FYI, I would prefer not to use Y-cables because I would like to test specific motor-outs which require individual motor controls.

Thanks in advanced.

You can output the throttle left and throttle right functions on multiple servo output.

If you desperate to have indovidual motor control you can use one the Quadplane mixer and one of the copter frames, H8 has four motors allong the wing. There is no benefit to this in flight tho.

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