How to add "Kill switch" on Pixhawk6X?


I want to add Emergency stop switch (Kill switch) on my Rover.
I am using Pixhawk6X and ArduCopter 4.3 and mission planner.

It there any Pin-out of Kill switch on Pixhawk6X?
Or should I use the pin which can be customized by Ardupilot sourse code changes?

If someone has good idea, please let me know.
Thank you very much.

Buttons — Rover documentation has guidance. There’s an aux function for emergency stop. I suspect that you might actually want a physical e-stop to de-energise motors etc rather than just kill the signal to them. That’s outside what the autopilot can do without an external circuit (ie you’d need to design a relay/fet to cut the power).

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So let me get it right, you’ve got a rover but you are running Copter 4.3?

Well, just assign a free channel with function 31 = Motor Emergency Stop.
Once you activate that channel the motors will stop.

Hi. Thank you for your answers.

I want to add emergency switch on copter (not radio controller).

I think Buttons — Rover documentation will work.

I am going to try add GPIO which is changed from AUX output.

Thank you very much.

Might have a look here then:
ArduPilot Developer Code of Conduct — Dev documentation

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I have cancelled this project.