Flaperon's aileron control from RC4 or RC6


My multicopter has Flaperon.
I am trying flaperon control by this article.

Flaperon’s aileron is controlled by RC1 (default).
Flaperon’s flap is controlled RC5.

Can I control Flaperon’s aileron by RC4 or RC6?

Tha article says “The autopilot will use the input from the aileron (rc channel 1, by default)”. So I think I can. But I couldn’t find parameter.

Thank you very much.

Flaperon’s on a Multirotor? How does that work? Are you talking about a QuadPlane?

Perhaps this misguided effort is also relevant…

Ha!, yea I saw that. Rover in a Copter thread and seemingly Plane in a Copter thread here. I’m trying to imagine what type of multirotor would have Ailerons…

At least the intent was for someone to ride it…

There is a company called Flaperon making a Multirotor. Perhaps that means something else in Estonian…

Yeah, that’s not cool.

Sorry, I have learned that there is no flaperon function in Copter.
I have call off this project.