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How to acquire FlightDeck Telemetry

Just today I learned about the telemetry screen for taranis, and when researching about them, I found about the one from crafts and theory llc. Unfortunately, they are unavailable, so is there still a way to get the flightdeck, like another distributor or company?

Can I use the teensy 2.0 for the connection between the receiver and the telemetry port @iampete?

You don’t need a Teensy. Ardupilot natively supports Frsky telemetry. Everything you need to know is in the Link above.

but here in says it needs something to convert the signals and in here says I would need a F7 or H7, that i don’t have, so I got a little confused. (I know there is a note saying that it’s no longer required, but since there was no warning saying it was archived or something, so I thought it is still needed for older models, like cube black @dkemxr

That’s just a simple inverter if you don’t have an F/H 7. You can build your own for a few $ or buy one. Here is one example:

could I do that with the teensy 2.0? I ask that because I already bought the teensy

sorry if I am asking too much @dkemxr , I am a newbie that still figuring out the ropes of drone world, thank you for your help.

I keep repeating questions about the teensy because I am part of project that is developing a drone, and it was out of my recommendation that the teensy 2.0 was bought and I am trying to see if it can be used as the inverter/converter you said , otherwise we bought a component for nothing.

I don’t see the sense in using a microcontroller for such a simple task.

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