How is the landing detection algorithm of ardupilot..?

I have just now imagined some drone that pushes on the wall, and leans toward wall for specific operation(im not planning to make it, i just imagined.)

but when if wall is static and drone’s movements are static, I guessed this situation can be detected as landed state.

could anyone give me opinion for this? with ardupilot landing detection algorithm… thank you

The landing algorithm takes vertical movement into consideration. A wall will not confuse it, if it moves up and down.

But if drone pushes wall, there is possibility that no vertical movement for long time since they are working on something for long time.

You can refer to this video.

Although this video have vertical movement, but in somewhere there can be needs of someone for drone to be static on the wall

That is very unique. You will need to test that yourself

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Thank you for your reply!!!