How do you identify a good compass?

I made a pretty heavy quadcopter this time.

There was a problem during production.

The Compass_ofs of this is so great big.

I’ve heard that the closer this number is to zero, the better.

Is this the right knowledge?

In addition, in the case of QGC, when calibration is finished, it is graphed like this.

How can I check a compass calibration that is good like this?

I didn’t hear this before and with my knowledge, there is no relation between the offsets and the quality of the compass.

The offsets are related to the physical constants of the area where you are, if they are constant, there is no problem. The problem would be if those offset change while you are rotating your drone, that would indicate that you have magnetic interference.

You can test it rotating your drone 360º by hand and see on the HUD if there is any error message like compass variance or similar. But if the problem is with the high current demanding by the motors, then you will have to see it fliying or performing a compass motor calibration (

So with that said, I think that you can fly.

Oh… thank you for your answer

I had a range of -400 to +400, so I thought I shouldn’t go beyond this.

I think I’ll know once I fly Loiter.

thank you