How do you activate a rangefinder for Copter landing?

I’ve used my TFmini rangefinder successfully for ArudPlane landings.

I want to use it for copter landings.

How do you configure ArduCopter so that it uses the rangefinder instead of the barometer for the final landing?

I’ve set:

RNGFND_MAX_CM = 300 cm

Will the copter use the rangefinder below 300 cm?



Yes, as long as you have the other Rangefinder parameters for your device set correctly

Thanks Mike,

Will give it a try and report here.


if you use Mission Planner you can check that data from the rangefinder is coming in on the two parameters labeled “Sonar”.

Ok thanks Mike.

The rangefinder is now working and the values show up in the Mission Planner status page.

My main question is whether ArduCopter will use the rangefinder instead of the barometer when figuring out whether the copter has landed.


Hi Paul, set EK2_RNG_USE_HGT=100 if you want the rangefinder to be the primary altitude source under 3m. 100 means 100% of RNGFND_MAX_CM. That’s 3m in your case.

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Thanks Clem, I tried it and it worked well.


You’re welcome Paul :slight_smile: