How do I limit the maximum horizontal velocity?

Is there any parameter to limit the maximum horizontal velocity? Preferably different velocities for different flight modes (loiter, auto, guided). I’m controlling the copter with position waypoints.

WPNAV_SPEED is your friend :slight_smile:

Also ANGLE_MAX for overall angle (and thus speed to some extent) and LOIT_SPEED and possibly LOIT_ANG_MAX could be useful.

Thanks! From what I understand, the maximum velocity can be limited with
WPNAV_SPEED in auto and guided mode
LOIT_SPEED in loiter mode

However, I have two more questions:

  1. In guided mode I could also use velocity setpoints instead of position setpoints. I guess the WPNAV_SPEED parameter would be ignored then?
  2. Can I set different speeds for other modes? E.g., would RTL be limited also by WPNAV_SPEED?

Setting the angle seems more complicated.

  1. yes you can.


RTL uses WPNAV speed if the RTL speed is not specifically set