How do i get started

Hi am aveeshi Kuashik I am really intrested in this project but i am in high school right now and only know python programming would that be sufficient to join ardupilot ! I am a beginner and have no clue what to do could anyone please help me!

Hi @Aveeshi_Kaushik, I would recommend you to go through the ardupilot source code and wiki to understand the structure of the project before you can contribute.

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Yes, read the wiki and build a small testing vehicle of some sort and play with it.

It help to be a user first, and after that it is easier to become a programmer. The good news is that we do use some python!

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yes, you can also leverage the use of SITL platform provided by ardupilot to get your hands on different blocks

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Hi @shubham-shahh thank you so much I will definitely start of by reading the wiki and the source code :+1:

Thank you so much @amilcarlucas I will definitely try it :smiley::+1:

hello Aveeshi_Kaushik! I also just started to understand this project, we can communicate more with each other :smiley:

Welcome! @Aveeshi_Kaushik

Checkout this post and thread about the same subject here, How can I join the community's gsoc project - #2 by hendjosh

Thank yu so much @hendjosh :smiley: :+1: