How can I join the community's gsoc project

Hello, my name is Jun, I come from China, and I am now in the first year of postgraduate. I have studied C language and participated in NXP smart car competitions during my undergraduate course. Currently learning C++. What else do I need to learn or prepare before I can join the 2022 gsoc plan.

Welcome Jun! @ranjunshi

Here is some more information on GSoC, here

The biggest things we look for is someone has contributed to ArduPilot already with a number of PRs. The time windows for GSoC are short and this ensures your are ready to go.

To get started with you will need to do the following:

  • Setup your development environment, Downloading the Code / Using Git — Dev documentation
  • Get our simulation environment working, simulation in the loop (SITL)
  • Learn how to use the main ground control stations for a mission: Mission Planner, MAVProxy, or QGC
  • Learn about one of the main vehicle types: Plane, Copter, or Rover there are more but most projects fall under those categories
  • Find a “Good First Issue” and create a Pull Request to fix it: Issues · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

Join us on the GSoC discord channel for development questions: ArduPilot

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Hello, Josh Henderson.Thanks for your reply.As I am busy with the final exam recently, I apologize for my late reply. I will become familiar with the work and working environment as soon as possible. I will communicate with you in time!

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hello Josh !I have installed Git and learned some Git usage. But I don’t understand what the simulated development environment you mentioned is. Is it convenient for you to talk about it, thank you!

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SITL: Setting Up SITL — Dev documentation

Mission Planner Overview: Mission Planner Home — Mission Planner documentation

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hello Josh !When I tried to run SITL for the first time, I encountered the error in the picture below, how can I solve it?

It looks like you have a problem with your install path. I have had issues in the past with Anaconda getting in the way of the installation. It is going to Anaconda instead of the normal python where the scripts install to.

Did you install using Cygwin?

If you did, I apologize I should have warned you to use WSL2 instead.

Yes, I installed it with Cygwin, so what should I do next?

I would instead recommend using WSL see here

May I ask why or which link did you see to install Cygwin instead of WSL?

You will likely have an issue with your PATH still. So please post the output of echo $PATH if it does not work for you.

I installed Cygwin through here

Ok i will get to editing that page to make using WSL instead clearer.

Install WSL next if you have trouble jump on our discord development server here

hello Josh!Why can’t I load the links mentioned above today, is it a problem with my network? Or is it a server problem?

It was a server problem that should be fixed now. Sorry about that! We were updating all of servers to better hardware and to the latest software.

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Excuse me, what is the reason why I have this problem when running SITL? how to fix it?

Possiobly, you did not run this command when cloning the repository.

Try this from [your_directory_location]ardupilot
git submodule update --init --recursive

As I said before if you get on discord send me a message and we can screenshare to get you started.

really? :grinning:
But there is a time difference between us. I don’t know when you are free.

I’m on discord on most times of the day so I overlap with most time zones. Don’t worry about the time difference.

As long as you have executed the install script in WSL. Tools/environment_install/ -y

We can go from there.

I have executed the install script in WSL,but I’m not sure if it’s installed correctly.
When do we start? I’m worried about not being able to check your messages in time. :slightly_smiling_face:

hello Josh!Why can’t I load the discord page in the past two days! :thinking: