How do I connect FS-iA6B to Matek F765-WSE

I have tried ESC + Motor connection and everything worked perfectly fine. Now when I try to connect it via f765 it doesn’t even turn on. I double-checked if I connected everything properly and it seems to be so. And yes, I tried PPM/CH1 and all of the other ports with no luck. What can be the reason of it not working?

You should be using the i.bus output of your receiver (upper right pins with connector laid flat and signal to the outside) rather than the PWM outputs.

The Matek instructions at suggests using Rx6 for use with the receiver, but it looks like you’re already using that for something (is that GPS?). Rx2 would also work for a receiver. The advantage of using those two is that you can power them via the 4v5 pads which are powered when connecting the flight controller to a computer via USB, so you can tweak the radio link without needing to plug in a flight battery.

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It helped :smile:
Thanks a lot!