How can I program Pixhawk 2 to trigger a camera system independently through Mission Planner?

Hi everyone!

I have been having trouble understanding how one is able to setup a camera to trigger autonomously through Mission Planner’s flight plan.

I am able to use the TRIGGER NOW command successfully, as well as write a single line flight plane to trigger the camera no more than once i.e. DO_SET_RELAY, DO_REPEAT_RELAY, DO_DIGICAM_CONFIG, etc.

I have tried these commands creating a Polygon shaped waypath, as well as stand alone commands. wrote them to the autopilot, started/ran the mission, and either 1: get no activity from the camera or the mission planner app, or 2: one single trigger occurs then the flight is Returned to Launch by default.
The camera that I am using for my project is a Sony A7R2. It is currently programmed as a relay on my Pixhawk cube, and is triggering sucessfully using the Trigger NOW command.

My main goal for this project is to write a flight plan to my autopilot that will allow the camera to be triggered in short time intervals throughout a flight mission. The camera/pixhawk system will be attached to an aircraft and be its own separate system. I literally just need the camera to be programmed to trigger automatically via Mission Planner flight plan.

I thought I could program the pixhawk to send a continuous pulse to the cam trigger but any DO command in the flight planner only ever triggers the camera once then ends the flight mission.
I have looked through all forums/articles/videos and have not been successful in finding a possible solution to my problem.

If anyone could give me some advice on how I could set up the flight plan correctly to get continous triggers, I would be extremely grateful!!!

Many thanks in advance!

I think is what you need, and if you want to trigger it with your rc, you can assign camera trigger to one of the aux channels!

I am needing the camera to just receive a continuous pulse sent to it. The DO_SET_CAM_TRIGG_DIST command is depended on distance, which is not exactly what I am needing here.

I want to know if this function is even possible to program on Mission Planner