Hovering a Drone at a single point location


I have a Pixhawk and want to do a mission in such a way that, in Auto mode, my Drone hovers at a particular point.

In easy manner, I do not want to take off and hover my drone manually. So, I want it to take-off from home location, go to the single given point and hover there.

Is this possible?

If yes, what settings are required to be done?

Two commands in the mission. A takeoff and a Loiter_unlimited… like this…

Then All you have to do is to switch to loiter, arm, switch to auto then raise a throttle a little.
Your copter will takeoff and fly to the loiter point. It will stay there until you switch to another mode or a failsafe occurs.

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Thanks for your input.

Is it possible if I have no switch assigned to Loiter mode?

Like, I have Manual, Stabilize and Auto mode - 3-way switch for flight modes. I do not want to set the replace the switch function from Stabilize mode to Loiter mode.

I don’t see the reason to have Manual mode set up. In case of serious failure you can fly it in stab mode. If stab mode does not work, then nothing else will.

Yes. I understand that. But I have got such settings pre-defined with my Drone and therein, I can’t do any changes as the application is from the company, no mission planner.

You can arm in stab as well, just make sure you switch to auto after arming and before raising throttle.

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