Holybro PX4 flow kit

does Arducopter intend to support the Holybro PX4 flow kit please

just curious - what task do you need to accomplish with using that module? as if all you need is to measure the altitude - a lidar is a far better choice.

Look like a regular PX4FLOW to me… including the useless sonar rangefinder …

it was something I came across and thought maybe worth trying but obviously no,thank’s for replies

I think it’s just a manufacturer of the standard px4flow isn’t it? It’s listed here on the reference page:

I’m hoping the cuav px4flow will ‘just work’, as that’s what I ended up ordering:

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thank’s,please keep me posted,hope it goes well

These are the ones I bought - at the cheapest price on the web- and bothe are working fine:

I like the 2.1 better because the STM is aligned, so it does not triggers my OCD !!!

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thank you for that will look at them

Oh that’s good to know the cuav works! Nice quality.