Holybro power module pm02 v03- unable to get current readings using analog pins on Pi

Instead of using mission planner with the power module, I have to use raspberry Pi for logging the voltage and current readings. Since Raspberry Pi has no analog pins, unlike arduino, for taking analog inputs on raspberry pi, I am using “Waveshare High Precision AD DA Board” and it is working perfectly fine. I am able to take analog readings using Pi and when I connect “holybro power module pm02” (voltage, current and ground) to the raspberry pi, I get the readings. For voltage readings, there is no problem but the current readings are fluctuating too much randomly.
Does the current pin on power module gives out analog voltage signals or analog current signals?
Anybody else tried reading pm02 v03 outputs directly through raspberry pi or arduino, without mission planner?

Anyone knows how to verify the PM02 V3 PMU is reporting the correct voltage and ampere?

The recommended values at the website do not seem to be correct for my cube Orange running 4.2.3 Arducopter firmware.

You may want to contact the company support team since the hardware is not open or reference the carrier board circuit.

Version 3.0 and version 3.1 hardware produced different results for the same settings and configurations.

3.1 totally cannot sense the ampere with CubeOrange carrier board.