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Holybro Kopis1 / Kakute F4 on ArduPilot


(rmackay9) #1

A video of the first flight of the Holybro Kopis1 racing drone loaded with ArduPilot. This is a low cost ready-to-fly racing drone that normally comes loaded with BetaFlight/CleanFlight but now, thanks to our ChibiOS port ArduPilot can be uploaded onto the Kakute F4 flight controller that’s on the drone.

There’s a new wiki page for this board in our “AutoPilot Hardware Options” section of the wiki. At the time this blog was written that page does not include how to upload the firmware but in short, it involves:

  • flashing an ArduPilot compatible bootloader onto the board
  • using MP (or other ground station) to upload ArduPilot

In the near future we plan to create an ArduPilot firmware for this board that includes the bootloader so that users will upload this firmware once after pushing the “dfu” button on the board but from then on can use the regular ArduPilot compatible ground stations.