Holybro Kakute F7 Mini CRSF Problem

Hi! I am trying to setup Arduplane with kakute f7 mini FC with TBS crossfire nano rx.
My RX is connected to UART2 with CRSF protocol. SERIAL2_PROTOCOL is set to (23) RCIn, Serial6 and 7 protocols are set to -1. RSSI is set to read data from the receiver, rc options Use passthrough for CRSF telemetry.

But i was never able to read the data from my transmitter.

I tried to set protocol to mavlink and rc input started to work, but when switching back to CRSF nothing works. I tried to google for the problem and found info on this forum, that CRSF is not included in the firmware and I need custom build.
I generated custom build with everything needed, but ring no bells - still no rc input with CRSF.

Any ideas how to fix this and get CRSF back to work?