Holybro Durandal FC

Thanks to HOLYBRO and ARDUPILOT team, FLASH 3.7.0 DEV
Strong wind flight test


It might help if you spell the product correctly…

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Good to see more H7-based flight controllers on the horizon. The hardware has to be in users’ hands before software will get written to take advantage of its features.


I could run large in-flight FFT’s on this. Anyone want to give me one to try :smiley:

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Thank you (Durandal)

The IMU isolation on this FC is impressive looking.

Who in their right mind would name a flight controller after a runway denial bomb?

One can always VTOL his ArduPlanes, thus negating the need for a runway :wink:

I think its named after a sword. :slight_smile: anyway that’s what VTOL is for… heh.

We would love to invite you to test HolyBro Durandal together with us. If you agree, please mail us via sale01@holybro.com

I sent you mail.

More characters to let me post.

FYI Durandal is now available on the Holybro website

Did you use Ardupilot or Px4? in this test

Dear Sir . I use Ardupilo

Thank you okok. I just purchased my Durandal :slight_smile: