Holybro 6c Mini and Arducopter Telemetry

I just bought a new 6c mini FC for my favorite drone. I’ve installed Arducopter firmware but can’t seem to get the telemetry radios or OSD to link up. It’s just a configuration problem but I don’t know the correct configuration or find documentation on setting up the new flight controller telemetry in Arducopter. These boards seem to be optimized for PX4 but I prefer Arducopter for the Antenna Tracker capability. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


List exactly which hardware you’re using and how it’s wired.

It’s not a hardware or wiring problem,. I need to know how to configure Mission Planner for the Holybro telemetry radios and Minim OSD and can’t find documentation on this. Both radios and the OSD board are tried and true components and work fine on other systems. The 6c is new to me.

And we can’t help you until we know what’s in use and how it’s connected.

It’s very difficult to give you a set of parameters to change without first understanding how things are laid out.

There is nothing unique about a Pixhawk 6c Mini with regards to telemetry radios. Available uarts here. Configure as usual.
Pixhawk 6c
Same for OSD. I guess you have an old Minim OSD board?

Unfortunately, the telemetry is not being sent to the radios or OSD board. Is there any documentation on this?

It would be easier to diagnose the situation if you dropped a link to a bin log file (which include your params) or at the very least a params file.

Otherwise, did you take a look at these:


Is you wiring custom? Have you used those radios previously on a flight controller that has a different pinout than the 6C on the telem port? Was your previous flight controller running something other than Ardupilot? Does that OSD board support Mavlink (communication protocol)?