Hobbywing XRotor 40A

Hi members,

What ArduCopter MOT_PWM_TYPE value do XRotor 40A ESCs support? The available options are:
0 Normal
1 OneShot
2 OneShot125
3 Brushed
4 DShot150
5 DShot300
6 DShot600
7 DShot1200
8 PWMRange

The following is the spec of Hobbywing XRotor 40A ESCs:


  • Transient current: 60A
  • Continuous current: 40A
  • BEC: NO
  • Battery pack: 2-6S
  • Weight: 26g
  • Dimension: 68252.7mm
  • Application: wheelbase 550-650mm multirotor

-Multirotor professional programme, very quick throttle response speed, surpass all kinds of open source software
-Specially designed for disc motor optimized firmware, has excellent compatibility
-Highly intelligence, well adaptive ability, easy operation
-Throttle signal cable is twisted pair, can effectly reduce the serial interference transmitted through cooper wire, making the flying more stable
-Max support 621Hz throttle signal, compatible with all kinds of flight control
-Adopting MOSFET professional driving chip, performance and stability will surpass driver circuit made by seperated components
-Super low internal resistor MOSFET, strong current resistance