HkPilot32 - what is the board type?

Trying to compile ArduCopter for a HkPilot32 flight controller but unsure of the following board types to use ?

CUAVv5 CubeBlack CubePurple CubeYellow DrotekP3Pro F35Lightning F4BY KakuteF4 KakuteF7 MatekF405 MatekF405-Wing OMNIBUSF7V2 OmnibusNanoV6 PH4-mini Pixhawk1 Pixhawk4 Pixracer aero aerofc-v1 airbotf4 bbbmini bebop bhat blue crazyflie2 cube-red dark disco edge erleboard erlebrain2 f405-min f427-min f767-min fmuv2 fmuv3 fmuv4 fmuv4-beta fmuv5 linux mRoX21 mRoX21-777 mindpx-v2 mini-pix navio navio2 ocpoc_zynq omnibusf4pro omnibusf4v6 pocket px4-v1 px4-v2 px4-v3 px4-v4 px4-v4pro pxf pxfmini revo-mini rst_zynq sitl skyviper-f412 skyviper-f412-rev1 skyviper-v2450 skyviper-v2450-px4 sparky2 speedybeef4 zynq

Since mission planner detects the board type is there a way that I can tell from it what board type to use ?

Pixhawk1 or fmuv3 will be fine for those

Thanks, could I have got this information from the BRD_TYPE parameter after installing the standard firmware on this board ?. The BRD_TYPE is currently set at 2.

I’ve noticed another way Mission Planner detects and displays the board type.

  • Start MP with board disconnected
  • Connect board by plugging in USB cable
  • Initial Config menu -> Install Firmware
  • Select appropriate frame icon
  • Confirm that you want to load that firmware by selecting “yes”

The next pop up will be a small window asking “Upload Chibios ?” but before answering check to the bottom left of the screen just under the progress bar and you should see what type of board that MP detected. I have a Pixhawk 2.4.8 (its a clone) and it detected it as a px4v2 which is one of the board types used in the compilation.

It depends on the bootloader version.
A newish bootloader will be very good at identifyingo the board, older bootloaders are more generic.

It looks like the HkPilot32 board id is px4v3. I compiled with the board type px4-v3 but noticed that its using Nuttx. Tried with fmuv3 and that seems to use chibios. Its also one of the board types you suggested in you original reply so will use that one.