High vibrations cause Jello Effect


I’m dealing these days with a jello effect with my quad.
I tried to balance the prop, change my fps from 30 to 25 ( only 2 options)
I see on the log that when the vibes passes the 5m\s\s , then the effect is more aggressive.

I tried to see of the FFT if there is something on the fps VS frequency but did not came with any conclusion

Any advices ?



Using this Anti-Vibration Multirotor Motor Mount could help

I’d be happy to try helping you with your vibration problem. I did a lot of work with structural dynamics during my career with an aerospace company.

Can you identify a specific motor rpm that your system misbehaves at? That would be a huge hint.

Hi @o1grossman ,

Tmotor U5 400KV, 15" tarot prop

from the FFT, I guess that the RPM is 5160 (86 Hz)
my camera shutter speed is 30 fps.