High Speed Auto Mission

Your height is a little off because the EKF is struggling to get the vertical velocity correct do to the vibrations. IMU 1 is clipping a little. IMU 2 looks a little better.

Thanks for sharing this. It is great to see people taking advantage of this so quickly and pushing the limits :slight_smile:

Hello guys, I have a similar problem, unfortunately. I tried to apply the solutions here to my quad but
I can’t increase the speed of the quad in auto mode. I downloaded the beta final version as there is a chance to increase the tilt angle. I also made the fft notch settings. I set the waypoint speed to 20 m/s. I set max_angle to 75. but unfortunately it doesn’t. I can’t go over 7m/s. my hardware:

cuav nano v5 FC,
little bee spring esc, emax rs2306 2750 kv engine,
cuav neo3 pro gnss gps.
frame 250mm.

Quad flies great in manual flight, I can give the speed I want, but as I said, when I switch to auto mode, it becomes very cumbersome. I’m putting the log and bin files of the manual flight and the bin file of the auto mod below. I will be grateful to anyone who knows how to fix this.

Increase WPNAV_JERK to be something like 10 m/s/s

I tuned up a 4" and put a battery in that could supply the current and got some truly impressive Auto Mission speed runs with this craft. ~38 m/s with a pitch angle of 72° with really good stability. 72° !!
I don’t have anything faster :slight_smile: Hats off Mr. Hall.

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That is good but this aircraft can go faster…

PSC_VELXY_FF to 0.6321 = 23.5 / 37.18 = mean(Measured Velocity) / mean(Measured Acceleration)

I will take a punt and say somewhere in the 42.5 range, 90% throttle, holding ~ -72 degrees (you were holding about 67 degrees).

Got it, I’ll give it a go. The battery is consumed very quickly at these speeds :grinning:

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Hey! I’m also trying to achieve higher speeds and I had the same problems. Like when I calculated with a 5S 1300 mAh Battery I should have like 30000 RPM in full throttle but with the parameters(here:save.param (18.6 KB) ) it can barely fly with 20000 RPM for each ESC I could not go higher than 23~m/s when calculated drone should do like 35 m/s like you. What do you guys suggest I could understand the reason. And here is my last test’s bin file (2021-09-04 01-41-26.bin (898.1 KB) ) and lastly this is the mission: (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19LnoztaUR-a5tQkHoFOXko56K94vpdzg?usp=sharing)

Your maximum lean angle is only 45 degrees and your mission is too short to reach that limit with low accelerations. Even then your WPNAV_SPEED is only 2000. You need to start with what the basic parameters mean and work up from there.

And start by updating to the Beta release. You are not even running current Stable.

You were pretty spot on @Leonardthall ! Average ~43 m/s. The motor commanded outputs are now maxing out and it’s bouncing off 100% throttle. Battery was very hot :slightly_smiling_face: but it was supplying 105a.

I think I want to build a 7" now to get some more range at speed.

Called it :slight_smile:

Got a log?

You did! Happy to share the log.

Thanks Dave, Great work!

I was out on the angle. I was hoping you would get a few more degrees. The throttle is fluctuating so there may be a bit of tuning to be had. But you are now sitting on the throttle limit where the maximum lean angle and therefore speed is limited by your ability to keep throttle below 90%.

So my call wasn’t as accurate as it may have looked. But now you are very close to the limit of the aircraft. As far as I know you are only the second person in the world to do this. Congratulations!


Thanks Leonard, it has been a lot of fun pushing the limits!


Can you share your parameter list please. Results are incredible

You can extract them from the posted flight log with Mission Planner. Use the Create KML+gpx button. It’s 4.2.0-dev but Beta8 should work just as well for fast Auto flight.

I suppose everyone flying water bottles around fast will be interested :slight_smile:

Thanks Yes It will be really interesting. You can check TEKNOFEST’s which is the biggest technology festival in the world website. Organization accepts international competitors. https://www.teknofest.org/en/

Actually we will need tuning help after we increase the speed because our tuning is probably just OK! Not perfect. We will see if we can stabilize

@Leonardthall @amilcarlucas @dkemxr
Can you help me to analyze the flight and improve it? Im trying to achieve higher speeds in parkour.

Holybro Pixhawk 4 + GPS module
Sunnysky x2216v2 x4 motors
10.45 inch props
Velox 45a 4in1 dshot600 esc
Running on ArduCopter 4.1beta8

Thanks in advance

Edit: I am not sure if you can see parameters from the log file so here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11x-hbp6ytNbouqJqysw3YyJdjBwDjGNI/view?usp=sharing

You need to start with some long straight missions so the aircraft has time to settle into a constant state. You should also start with straight segments on your mission as they are better defined from a kinematic perspective. Once you have a good setup then you can start evaluating tight spline missions like this one.

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