High pitch angles in auto mode


In stabilize it’s possible to fly with pitch angles up to -80°. Is this als possible in Auto mode? When I test this in simulation and real life the pitch in auto mode is limited to -45°. I think this is caused by the position controller. What is the reason for this?


By default the attitude controller is configured to limit the lean angle to +- 45° for both roll & pitch.

You can change this to a different angle using the ANGLE_MAX parameter.

I have used this to reduce the max angle to 35° and 30° for test purposes and it works as expected.

I am sure you could set to a higher value than 45° - but be careful - increase it step by step - stability/controllability might suffer at larger values.


Hi Chris,

I changed this parameter to 60 degree and this works well in stabilize. But in auto mode the pitch angle is limited up to 45 also when I change the ANGLE_MAX parameter to 60 degree.



I too am having this issue. ANGLE_MAX appears limited to 45 deg in AUTO mode. It controls below 45 but not above. I also changed WPNAV_SPEED to 2000 cm/s as this was a limit also. WPNAV_SPEED controls below 15 m/s not above to 20 m/s the documented limit. Someone please help us.