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High performance IMU on UAVCAN?

Hi guys!
Recently, The new adis16470 has been integrated into the Ardupilot, It’s a great news to have this high performance IMU into the Autopilot. But Is It possible to develop a new external IMU with the UAVCAN bus, So that we can use adis16470 on every autopilot?

Good day,
adis 16740 is already integrated on a new fc when will be release…

Hi Dave
I know that, That’s CUAV X7 Pro, But my point is can we make adis16470 work with uavcan, as peripheral, Not a integrated IMU, so we can use it on any autopilot with the UAVCAN.

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Uavcan periph are under heavy development, i will check if the drivers are in uavcan

I’ve heard the devs talk about a project that is exactly what you’re asking for. It’s in dev right now, so just be a little bit patient :slight_smile:

Wow…This is a very good news to me. Would you please send me the Dev talk link about this? I’m planing to design This hardware, And I really need the suggestion from the autopilot
software developers, Maybe provide some samples for the software test.

I would be interested also!

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