HEXSOON PDB 40 Question

Hi all,

I recently purchased the TD-650 frame kit. It comes with a 6x40A PDB, which has power ports on it for 12 and 5.3V. Do I need to use a power module in addition to this to power the flight controller (using a Cube Orange on the standard carrier board)? I have the default Power Brick Mini, but that is only rated for 30A continuous.

pdb-hexsoon.pdf (408.5 KB)

From the PDF you sent, it looks to me like you could use that board in place of the power brick that came with the Cube. The only thing I can’t see is if it has a current sensor on it.

I use the brick with that PDB on my 450 Hexsoon

I think the motor on the 650 might draw more current than the 450 though.

The PDB appears to have a pin marked batt_sense - not sure exactly what that means, but it looks like voltage, and current sense is NC. So I’d have to use a different module for current sensing.

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Yea deff use more amps