Hexacopter USB connection problem with computer. SOS!

I use windows 10, and hexacopter ardupilot. When I connect USB cable to ardupilot board, nothing happens to the computer, and even I can not see any missing driver.
and when I want to install the firmware, I face error “do device found”.


What is your board name ?
Did you try to change USB port ?
Try another usb cable too ?
If you are on a usb hub, try direct connection and remove sensor from the flightcontroler : have servo, gps and lidar can be to much for usb power !

I use Ardupilot board, Apm planner 2.0 software
and changed the usb cable, and ports, but still get the error “No valid device found, check to be sure your APM2.5+ or pixhawk/PX4 device is plugged in, and drivers are installed”

the board is APM2.5.
Unfortunatly this board support end long ago and I don’t know it … I won’t be a big help here…

If after trying different USB cables you do not see this in Device Manager in Ports then it could be dead. It’s long obsolete anyway, time for a new Flight Controller.


Yes my friend. Support to APM finished in 3.2 firmware. I started 3 years ago with APM with some joys but many more worries.