Hexacopter Tuning flips on lift off

I have a hex running the latest apm on a pixhawk 2.1. It has done a number of things to me when trying to get it off the ground. From the whole thing spinning upon takeoff, to a complete somersault into the ground. I have double and triple checked my motor rotations and re calibrated everything. Is there something I am missing or should try next?

Any help is appreciated.


Here is the bin file for anyone that can help.

2017-10-24 14-35-30.bin (901.6 KB)

Few questions:

  1. Did this copter fly before? (what is changed)
  2. Is your autopilot been in use on other copter before? (other copter remaining’s in AP)
    I noticed Desired Pitch and Pitch are not following well. Is this high or low value in scale, that I don’t know.

Never flown before. I’m just trying to get it into the air so I can start an autotune. I did just find that I had my AP configured for a 180Yaw which is not needed which may cause some error. Going to Test now.

Results: Success. Level flight. Now on to the much needed tuning.

Great it was solved!

Hi all
I am facing the similar problem. I somehow couldnot take-off the copter and it toppled even well before it could take-off from the ground. Can anyone help me analysing the issue. Here is the log.


I have used Pixhawk 2.4.7 as the controller with mission planner as GUI.
Can someone help me in analysing the same?

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