Hexacopter spins after take off


I had a crash yesterday and had to replace some propellers,
Afterwards, I did a quick test flight but the copter started to spin after take off.
I checked the motor orders and did the motor test but everything seems fine.
When I checked the desired yaw and yaw they closely followed each other but there was no yaw input from the controller.

Could someone help me to find the problem?
The log file can be found in the below link

Thanks in advance

First thought, did you accidentally put CW props on CCW motors or the other way around? Were other props damaged that you didn’t notice? Arms out of alignment?

Also, you should really recalibrate+Magfit your magnetometers, especially #2:

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Hi Olli, thanks for the reply.
I checked the props and motors they all seems fine to me.
For the magfit calibration I thought the second compass is disabled anyways. But I will do a calibration and check the performance again.
Hopefully that will help.