Hexacopter Simulation

Good day everyone. We are designing a hexacopter vehicle with 12S Li-Po and a 23-inch propeller. We want to simulate through Mission Planner. We enter the properties of our tool from the Initial Parameter Setup screen. Then we set the SIM_BATT_VOLTAGE parameter to 50.4 through the Full Parameter List. As soon as we give our vehicle a take-off, a lot of wobbling begins. How can we solve this problem? What parameters do we need to change?

Post the parameters here.

hexa_param.param (22.5 KB)

Hello. Have you found a solution?

I am having a similar problem, with 24 volts is wobbling but with 12 it looks that is working fine

If you simply want it to look like 12S, just calibrate the voltage values.

doesn’t work with simulation, see here : Customizing SITL Multicopter Simulations: Tailoring Realism to Your Drone