Hexacopter motors do not rotate

Hey guys
I hope that you’re doing well. I have been working on a project, where I control my hexcopter over 4G. I have made the calibration and so on. I use a logitech controller to control my drone over missonplanner. There isn’t a problem in the connection. It’s arming, but it wouldn’t rotate the motors, but when i calibrate the motors it works. In my opinion I can’t figure out to adjust the servo output. I hope that you can help me :grin::slightly_smiling_face:
I have to say that I’m new in this :sweat_smile:

Do the motors spin when using Motor Test in Mission Planner?

Yes it has a safety switch, and it is activated

Yea, saw you said it was arming. Motor Test?

In motor test nothing rotate

Do you have motors assigned to outputs? Post your parameter file.

Tomorrow I’ll send you the parameter file. I’m not near the copter. I guess the problem is here, cause I can’t figure out how to adjust the server output

When I adjust the output 1 to Rc1 in the motor rotates, but when I adjust the output 1 to motor 1 nothing happens

It’s the parameter list you’re asking for. Am I right?

If so here it is hexacopter.param (17.2 KB)

What messages are given in Mission Planner when you run the Motor Test? These are on the Messages screen on the Data Tab.

You’ve got BRD_SAFETYENABLE,1 so you need to press the Safety switch to enable motor outputs even for MissionPlanner motor test.
If you don’t have a Safety switch (and some would say it’s actually more dangerous to have one) then set BRD_SAFETYENABLE,0

He claims he’s activating it…

Okay I’ll try that, but the safety switch is on and the motor test Is working now

Tomorrow I’ll see what’s happening on message screen

That no longer matters if Motor Test spins the motors. You have another problem. RC control perhaps. Maybe your game controller is the problem. It’s a better plan to use a conventional RC system to configure, calibrate and tune your craft. Get it flying well and then introduce other means of control.

I have dx6 controller with a dsmx2 receiver. I don’t think it will work either. Then I guess I have to get a new controller