Hexacopter experience with 1 motor down

Sometime back I had a hexacopter that had some problems with one of its esc. I think its giving an intermittent power or no power to one of the motor. It stayed in the air but swinging around violently. In the end I landed safely (surprisingly)

Anyone here had experience with one of the motor down? Did the drone feel straight to the ground or it struggle to stay in air? Care to share? Particularly with hexacopter.

Like to know ardupilot reaction when hexacopter completely lost one of its motor.

I have experienced issues with props and motors on hexa and octocopters.
Handled rather well, especially the octocopter which I guess is hardly a surprise. That’s why until 2 years ago was reluctant to build & fly quads. But apparently depending on available power (thrust) this is also possible to safely land these days.
( I believe this is due to development of support for two rotor type aircraft in recent years)

See this report regarding a motor loosing power in a quad:


Yes, I was expecting this should be as a safety advantage.