Hexa unstable flight and strange logs

Hi guys,

i have a hexa which is generally unstable. I mean when i try to hover it goes front and left or if i try loiter it goes up and so on…

Also i have a problem with logs, because when i download dataflash logs some values don’t exist…(e.g. IMU’s values). Maybe i have to change some settings but i don’t know what.

i thought that the problem about unstable flight may be that the AMP is affected by the magnetic fields from batteries because my copter is like this:

In the near future I will change the batteries’s position.

As for the logs, i upload the latest for you, to take a look and tell me if something goes wrong.

2017-03-02 18-18-45.log (406.4 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you need to increase the logging.
Have a read through the Wiki on logging and change the logging value to at least include IMU and battery details.

There is not a lot to go on in the current log you posted.

Ok I will increase the logging, i’ll try a flight in which i use only throttle and no yaw, pitch or roll and i’ll upload the new logs to see what is the problem because the flight is very unstable and it makes me crazy.

Thanks for your reply…

I forget to ask you if you think that the magnetic fields from batteries affect the ardupilot’s measurements…
Must i change their position?

@SokratisK: The magnetic field is non only from the batteries but from the batteries’s wires as well. This is why it is very wise to have an external compass/gps… :slight_smile:

yes i have the same opinion… in the near future i will add external sensors for sure… as for this situation i have to move the AMP from batteries and wires, do I?