Hex redundancy on 3.6.X

Hi All,

A few years ago there was talk about Hexacopters falling out the sky due to no redundancy support on a Hex with a motor failure. Some had a solve of reducing YAW to 0 and using simple mode to bring the Hex back all this on 5 Motors. Is this a standard in the latest code? Apologies for this question but its been some time for me since using Ardupilot.

Thank you wn0x, this is exactly the info im looking for.

this doesnt work if your copter is too heavy…it wont be able to sustain altitude even if it tracks properly…Ive had this happen…at best it will rotate around yaw but track its course and maintain altitude IF it isnt too heavy or headwind not too strong…otherside its going down…

Thanks, The hex can fly fine on 4 motors at full payload.

must be pretty lite…mine is 5 kilos…

Or… some pretty big motors :slight_smile:

Roughly 35kg AUW maybe more.